The first step is for a parent to get in contact and ask for a consultation meeting – within this, I will discuss the learning needs of the child and explain a little bit about myself, and come to a joint decision on whether I am the right tutor for your child.

If we agree, I will send over policies and procedures for virtual working and safeguarding. If these are agreeable, parents will sign virtually, which is returned to me in a manner which is legally auditable.

Students are then allocated a code for Google Meet, which remains theirs perpetually (or until changed by Google). A slot may be arranged, and lessons are scheduled through a system which may send email or SMS reminders to parents. Students are encouraged to log in 15 minutes early.

Lessons are usually scheduled for one hour, although I do ask that parents allow 20-30 minutes leeway to allow running over. All lessons are recorded for safeguarding.