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Hi, my name is George. I’m a part time University student of Primary Education with the University of Winchester, and a full time student teacher in outer London. I’ve been providing virtual tuition since March 2020, and have been named a Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Champion at my University. I am well versed in supporting all learners, including those with SEN and different learning needs. I would love to talk with you about whether and how I can best support your child’s learning journey.

About Me

Who Am I?

My name is George, I’m a private tutor working virtually. I specialize in core curriculum for EYFS/Reception up to KS4. I’d love to hear about your child and discuss how we can unlock your child’s full academic potential!

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  • KS1-KS4

    I have been working for myself since 2020, providing a wide range of services from phonics and blending tuition up to GCSE interventions 2020 - present
  • Teacher Training

    I am currently undertaking a primary education training course, including in person school placement 2021 - 2025
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  • Undergrad of Primary Education

    University of Winchester 2021-2025
  • Digital Media and Communications

    University of Winchester 2020-2021
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    Fluent with video conferencing and Google Meet
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    Confident and fluent with SEND adaptations
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    Confident at liaising with parents for working in partnership
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    Familiar with documentation processes for supporting evidence applications
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    Digitally fluent and confident with TEL enhanced provision
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    Competitive pricing
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    Confident in working in partnership and alongside schools
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    Home-based learning solutions
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    Flexible bookings, including weekends
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    Tailored to the needs of individual students
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    'Homework helper' services available
My Services

What do I offer?


Exam Prep and Interventions

I offer intervention services and exam preparation for my students to prepare for internal and external examinations



I offer standard tuition services, usually at an hour a lesson to cover core curriculum content


SMART targeted planning

I work with families, students, and alongside the long term plans of schools to tailor my tuition offering and services to the goals of all tutees. The medium/long term plan for every student is planned as a SMART Target (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-measured), alongside thorough consideration for the intention, implementation and impact of sessions to reach goals.

Don't just take me at my word, though...

Read my feedback!

My daughter has been receiving tuition from George for a while now and we have seen a tremendous improvement in her abilities. She no longer fears maths. George is always available to help and has an incredibly positive attitude to his teaching. He is able to pitch the lesson at exactly the right level and my daughter always leaves the lesson smiling. He has been a Godsend.

A satisfied Year 8 parent

My children are thriving at school and George’s tailored tuition works well with the curriculum they are being taught, he’s knowledgable about what stage each child should be at and we have a clear plan of what each child is working on each term.

A satisfied KS1 parent

Wonderful George tutored our daughter a few months prior to her exam in GCSE Maths. George supported and encouraged her throughout, nothing was ever too much, he went and above and beyond. Our daughter hated maths and only after a few sessions she began to enjoy the subject, and even looked forward to her tutoring sessions with George. They built a lovely working relationship, it was great to hear them laugh and get along so well.

A satisfied GCSE interventions parent

My daughter has achieved great results , thanks to George’s tailored tutoring . He has a great manner and adapts both content and delivery according to the student .

A satisfied Year 9 parent

My daughter has always felt very comfortable with her lessons with George. His guidance has always been appreciated and has given her confidence in subjects that she has previously struggled with.

A satisfied Year 8 parent

With her upcoming GCSEs, my daughter worked hard and with George’s help and guidance she passed Maths with a higher grade than we expected. So, a huge thank you to George. We highly recommend George for any tutoring needs 🙂

A satisfied GCSE interventions parent

I’m very happy with my daughter’s progress. George has helped her to gain confidence.

A satisfied Year 7 parent
Ability to tailor my teaching to meet their child's individual needs
Ability to establish and maintain a positive rapport with their child
Satisfied with the progress their child has made under my tuition services
Parental comfort approaching me with any concerns or issues related to their child's learning
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