About Me
My name is George
I’m a 22 year old teacher training in Primary Education at the University of Winchester, with a long term aim to take on my own class as well as private tutees. I am fully DBS checked and subscribed to the DBS Update service.

I have been surrounded by education all my life – from a very young age my parents have run an at-home childminding setting. This fostered a life-long understanding of the importance of education, and my own experiences reinforced just how critical a high quality education is to the success of every child.

My personal journey to becoming an educator begun during the first COVID lockdowns – primary age children in the setting were struggling to access the work they were being sent, with digital learning infrastructure not existing to the extent that it has now developed to.

At the time, my A-Levels had been cancelled due to the pandemic, so I took on a role of an educator. Within this, I discovered my true passion for education and providing education. Post-lockdown, I begun a University course in digital media, before transferring to Primary Education at the end of the year.

I work with a wide range of year groups – initially I only provided services for KS2, but I have since expanded my offering to reception and KS1, further expanding to KS3 and some KS4. I cover core curriculum for KS4 (Foundation Maths, English Language, English Literature and Science), some wider curriculum at KS3 and a full wider curriculum at KS2-KS1, although I am primarily asked to focus on core curriculum. As a private educator, I am not bound by the same limits that a classroom teacher may be or the required objectives that teachers may be required to teach. As such, my lesson planning and structure take a child-centric approach which focus specifically on the needs of the child, and I am able to adapt ‘in the moment’ to the needs of your child to ensure the best overall learning outcomes.

As a result of the pandemic, we are now digital natives in a culture embedded in technology and IT. As such, I provide all of my tuition virtually via Google Meet services. This specifically works on cheaper and low end devices, allowing me to work towards bridging the digital divide that has placed learners from less technologically fluent families at a disadvantage in terms of accessing education. While virtual tuition may have its challenges, it is indeed a great way to reach more learners and provide them with an opportunity to learn in the comfort of their own homes. In experience, I have found that all of my KS2-4 pupils are very confident and fluent with virtual services, and that reception pupils usually become confident with virtual services after approximately a month of service. Working digitally does mean that learner information is stored in various locations – for privacy-conscious parents, please view the list here.

If you have any further questions, please visit my FAQ page, or via email at george@georgehalltuition.com.