If your child engages with public or private education, you may be aware of and familiar with some of the policies and procedures that may be in place. As a private educator, I am not legally required to publish mine. However, I feel that the publication of these allows me to ensure transparency with my clients. 

For policies on

  • Student Expectations
  • Parent expectations
  • TutorBird/LMS systems 
  • Meetings and parental supervision
  • Behaviour
  • GDPR, first names and data sharing
  • Cancellations
  • No-Shows
  • Financial Equity and Access to Services
  • Google Meet, recording and video conferencing
  • VLE policy
  • Marking policy and online submissions
  • Homework, AI, cheating and plagiarism
  • LGBT, EAL, racial inclusion and diversity
  • Tuition devices and requirements
  • Safeguarding, disclosures and child protection
  • Face to face tuition policy
  • Best advice waiver
  • Communications between child and tutor
  • Student/tutor WhatsApp groups
  • Student mobile phones
  • Payment and Invoices
  • Retainer fee
  • Smoking, Vaping and Alcohol
  • Tutor conduct policy
  • Complaints policy

Please note that, for privacy conscious parents, policies on data storage and where your child’s information may be stored is available via a separate link. This can be found in my FAQ’s, or via this link.