As an independent tutor, it’s important to me to be transparent about my fees, while also providing context to help families understand my fee structure.

My qualifications and the comprehensive nature of my tutoring service justify my rates. I hold a Level 5 qualification in Primary Education, am trained in supporting diverse learners including those with EAL and LGBT backgrounds, provide all virtual resources, collaborate with various publishers for a wide selection of materials, include homework and grading, and offer an extensive portal for parents and students.

My standard rate is £20 per hour. For those requiring shorter, 30-minute sessions, I charge £11. For sessions of varying lengths, for legacy tutees, or those eligible for a friends and family rate, thoughtful adjustments are made.

In assessing my fees against the market, I’ve looked into GCSE Maths tutors with a minimum four-star rating, over 400 lessons delivered (highlighting my own record of 513 lessons in 2023, not including my earlier work since 2020 or later work from 2024 onwards), and the ability to work remotely. This research reveals that, on average, tutors with these credentials charge around £41.90 per hour. For a detailed comparison, please see the slideshow carousels below (sorted by hours taught).

I have seen the transformative power of channeled 1:1 interventions and am well-versed in the surrounding academia. However, I’m equally aware of the financial pressures many families face today, along with the costs associated with virtual tutoring, like basic supplies and technology. My fees are carefully set to maintain a fair balance between accessibility and the high-quality education I provide.

My fees are fixed and non-negotiable. For those with extenuating circumstances, please consult my financial equity policy. I encourage parents to consider all tutoring options to ensure a perfect fit for their child’s educational journey, aligned with both their aspirations and financial means.