Curious about the tech? Take a look here!

How does Google Meet work?

Upon enrolment, your child will be allocated a ten letter code. This may look like abc-defg-hij. Every lesson, your child will click the “Join Lesson” button and enter that code. They can do this as early as they like. Entering this code sends you to a “waiting room”. At the start time of your child’s lesson, I will begin the meeting, enable recording, then admit them from the waiting room. Your child will then be in the Google Meet. Once they’re in, they can hear and see me through their speakers and screen, and I can hear and see them through their webcam and microphone.

What technology do we require?

Despite what your child may say about needing the latest and greatest in tech, you actually don’t need a lot to engage! In 2023, I moved from Zoom to Google Meet to ensure fluidity. Consequently, your child just needs a device that can access Google Meet. This is any computer with an up to date version of Chrome (Chromebooks, Windows 10/11, macOS), a functioning webcam and microphone, and good speakers. Please note that school Chromebooks may be locked down and prevent use for external tuition. You must also have suitable broadband.

What resources would be helpful?

At the top of the list would have to be a printer. This enables me to follow your childs needs on a lesson by lesson basis and ensure they have access to the appropriate resources.

For stationary, I recommend some retractible pencils, a good set of fineliners, lined paper and grid paper. Post it notes are also useful if you have these!

For technology, a good set of earbuds with a microphone are always helpful. If your child has an iPad, a stylus for shared workings is also useful. While almost any device can be used for tuition, if you are considering upgrading your computer, I strongly recommend looking at a Mac. 

For lighting and environment, a place to sit where they are not backlit is useful (e.g. if your child is sat with a bright window behind them, the camera will focus on the lighting, and your child becomes silhouette-like!). A reasonable sized desk where they can have their computer, paper for workings, and an exercise book is extremely useful.

What technology do you use?

For a mobile phone, I use an iPhone 12. For a computer, I use a 27″ iMac for home, and a 13″ MacBook Air for travel, alongside Beats Solo3 headphones. I also utilise a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite for all sessions.