To view homework assigned to you or your child on TutorBird

Prefer to watch? Click the video for a demonstration

1. Click the button on the left to sign in​

2. Click the button on the left to navigate to attendance

Alternatively, once signed in, select the hamburger menu and then “Attendance and notes”

3. Find the lesson in which homework was assigned, and use the icons to help you. If there is any homework, the clipboard (red) will show you my instructions, and any files will be marked with a paperclip (blue)

Please note the system sorts oldest to newest, so your most recent lesson will be at the bottom. In the interest of transparency, please be aware that TutorBird logs the time and date of every download, which can be viewed on my Tutor Portal.

Please be aware that, for some assignments, you will need my recommended software. These include Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Google Chrome. Google Docs, unless pre-agreed, are not accepted for homework.