As I embark on my third professional placement and look towards shaping my future career, I’m pleased to introduce two tailored booking options to better serve my students:

1. Flexibookings: Ideal for adaptable schedules, these bookings offer a flexible approach. We’ll agree on a general time frame (e.g., Tuesday evening), and I will confirm the exact hour with a one-hour notice during my commute, similar to the standard notification you receive from the tutoring app. Lessons are expected to start no earlier than 5pm and no later than 6:40pm. This option does require your child to be available throughout the evening, and also gives me ample time to prepare my resources and ensure a high-quality learning session.

2. Sunday Bookings: Perfect for younger students or those with more structured extracurricular activities, these slots provide fixed schedules similar to my standard booking system, available exclusively on Sundays.

Considering the unique dynamics of your family and your child’s specific needs, I will extend an offer for either a Sunday or a Flexibooking. This approach is thoughtfully designed to align closely with your family’s schedule and your child’s educational journey, ensuring that our tutoring sessions are as effective and convenient as possible.

General FAQs

Why are these changes being implemented?

These adjustments are part of a forward-thinking strategy, encompassing both my current teaching placement and my anticipated transition to a full-time classroom role starting September 2024. With this transition, these changes are likely to become long-term arrangements.

How does invoicing work?

Billing procedures will continue as usual. For any clarifications, please refer to texts, emails, or the App portal.

I was offered a Flexibooking/Sunday, and I can’t manage it. Can I swap?

Switching between booking types may be difficult or simply not possible due to my limited availability. If you choose not to accept your initial offer, please understand that you and others who decline will only be considered for a second offer after all initial offers have been accepted by others. This approach is necessary to ensure fair and efficient allocation of slots, but it may result in your child missing out on a slot during this busy period.

Flexibooking FAQs

How does Flexibooking function?

We’ll agree on a day, such as Tuesday evening. On the App, lessons will be booked for a random time, which you can disregard. Approximately midway through my hour-long commute, I’ll send a WhatsApp message to let you know that our lesson will start in one hour. This familiar notification system not only gives your child ample time to prepare in a relaxed yet focused manner but also allows me time to set up my resources, ensuring a productive and engaging learning experience.

What if there’s a delay?

Should there be any unexpected delay post-confirmation, I will keep you updated. If a significant delay occurs, we’ll discuss whether to start late or reschedule.

Sunday FAQs

What if the Sunday slot offered doesn’t work for me?

If your offered Sunday slot is not feasible for your schedule, please reach out so we can consider other possibilities. However, it’s important to understand that this might mean your child may not have access to tuition during this period due to my limited availability.

Availability FAQs

What if I can’t manage a Flexibooking or a Sunday?

In cases where neither Flexibooking nor Sunday bookings suit your preferences, I encourage you to reach out to discuss alternatives. However, please be aware that accommodating your specific preferences may not always be possible, potentially leading to a period without tutoring for your child. My goal is to collaborate with you to find the most suitable solution for your child’s educational needs, within the constraints of my availability.

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