Dear Secondary Parents,
In our last conversation, I shared concerns about the “Sparx” homework and its impact on our sessions. A closer look and feedback have shown that many students aren’t engaging with “Sparx” on their own, which is critical for their learning journey.
After careful and thorough reflection on our current engagement with “Sparx” homework, I have made the decision to gradually phase out direct support for “Sparx” homework in our tutoring sessions. This transition will take place up to and including the May bank holiday, with the final sessions supporting “Sparx” directly scheduled on or before 6th May 2024. This timeline is designed to give all families adequate time to adapt to the change.
Regarding the future of “Sparx” in tuition sessions, I am happy to teach alongside Sparx and focus on teaching the topics covered in the Sparx homework. However, I will no longer be logging into your child’s account with them to complete the homework from scratch. As an educator, I have a responsibility to take on a role of reinforcing learning, not just ticking off homework. While I recognize this adjustment may be challenging, this change aims to foster independence in learning and ensure that our sessions are used most effectively to enhance understanding and skills.
Understanding the adjustments required, I am providing a grace period until 6th May 2024, during which time “Sparx” sessions may continue. Furthermore, in recognition of this significant shift, I am happy to waive my termination fee should you feel that this change does not meet your tutoring needs, in line with my terms and conditions. I would like to make it abundantly clear that I am still continuing to offer tuition to all students – this is not a discontinuation of services, and is intended to be a change in provision to ensure the educational needs of my tutees are met.
As an independent educator, I value your support in this matter as I make these changes to my offering. I strongly feel that reinforcing learning, rather than simply completing tasks, will lead to a more meaningful and impactful educational experience for your child.
Thank you for your support and understanding during this transition period. I look forward to working with your child!
Best regards,

George Hall
Private Tutor and student of Primary Education


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