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I am sure that all parents have heard of and are aware of the upcoming school strikes which are resulting in the closure of classes, year groups, and in some cases entire schools. These strikes are being proposed by the NEU to improve the working conditions and pay of teachers within schools. I feel that these strikes are immensely important – education, as an industry, has long been underfunded, met with below-inflation pay ‘raises’ for teachers within classrooms which do not have access to the funding required for necessary resources, whilst teachers are expected to take on higher workloads. As a member of the NEU, I am fully in support of the strike action, and support the teachers who are striking for the greater good of the industry.
However, I also understand that as a training teacher and private tutor, this is a fight that is currently above my status. I am fortunate enough to run a private service in which I dictate my own pay, working conditions, and workload. Therefore, I will not be partaking in strike action. I feel that as a private educator the education of my students must come before any other factors.
For my students in London, proposed strike dates by the NEU are as follow
-1st February 2023
-2nd March 2023
-15th March 2023
-16th March 2023
Additional strike days on the 14th February, 28th February and 1st March should not impact students in London as these are regional. For students in non-London areas, please click this link to view the proposed strike dates.
For students who have a booked lesson during strike days, they should join lessons as usual. If students are off school and would like earlier lessons during the day, please send me a WhatsApp and I may be able to arrange this (subject to availability).
For students who do not have a booked lesson during strike days, I may have availability to book students in for virtual lessons at short notice – however, this is subject to availability on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. While I specialise in core curriculum subjects (Maths, English, Science), I have successfully taught wider curriculum subjects (Geography, Computing, History) in previous lessons, and am more than happy to have a look at anything they may need support with.
I would also like remind all parents that students are welcome to contact me with any questions that they may have regarding their school work – I will do my best to reply as quickly as possible. Students may contact me via email at, via Microsoft Teams/Canvas messaging, or via the chat icon on StudentZone. As a reminder, my mobile number is not to be given to anybody under the age of 18 for safeguarding purposes. 
Within these turbulent times, I would like to reassure all parents and students that I will be doing everything in my power to counteract any educational loss of learning during strike days. I am conscious that COVID has interrupted years of learning and created deficits, and I will be doing everything within my power to minimise the impact of these strikes upon the education of my learners.
Throughout school closures, and disruption within the education industry and other industries which are striking, please may I finally take a moment to remind my students and parents to treat people with kindness; within the hecticness of life, and the uncertainty that looms, we must remember to treat one another in the manner we would like to be. I once read that a single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions allowing the roots spring up and make new trees, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect opportunity to be reminded of the ripple effect that kindness can have.
I hope everybody is having a lovely weekend; I wish a lovely forthcoming week to all of my students and I look forward to seeing everybody on virtual platforms!
Best wishes,

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